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    Push-fit Hep2O includes unique features that enable quick and easy installation with a secure fitting. It is the only push-fit plumbing system with joint recognition, secure demounting and a 50 year guarantee.

    Hep2O pipe comes off the coil straight but is highly flexible for fast and easy installation. The system works great with copper and plastic so is ideal for new build and refurbishment projects. A wide range of fittings are available to accommodate any plumbing job.

    You get a secure fit every time thanks to Wavin’s In4Sure security feature. Once the connection is in place, you twist the pipe or fitting and feel the “rumble” – signaling a perfect fit.

    Fittings can be easily adjusted with the HepKey demounting system. Simply clip the HepKey over the fitting to depress the collar and release the fitting. This system prevents tampering or accidental demounting and ensures your installation is totally secure.

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    Hep2o Back Box Grommet (Each)

    Hep2o Back Box Grommet (Each)

    Hep2O back box grommet for use with HX110
    Hep2O HepKey

    10mm Hep2O HepKey HX78/10W

    Hep2O demounting HepKey 10mm green
    Hep2o Pipe Clips - Screw

    15mm Hep2o Pipe Clips - Screw HX85/15

    Hep2O pipe clip screw type 15mm white pack of 50
    Hep2o Pipe Clips - Screw

    22mm Hep2o Pipe Clips - Screw HX85/22

    Hep2O pipe clip screw type 22mm white pack of 50
    Hep2o Wedge Removal Tool

    10mm Hep2o Wedge Removal Tool HX79/10

    Hep2O demounting HepKey Plus 10mm green
    Hep2O HepKey

    15mm Hep2O HepKey HX78/15W

    Hep2O demounting HepKey 15mm blue
    Hep2O HepKey

    22mm Hep2O HepKey HX78/22W

    Hep2O demounting HepKey 22mm pink
    Hep2O HepKey

    28mm Hep2O HepKey HX78/28W

    Hep2O demounting HepKey 28mm orange
    Hep2o Wedge Removal Tool

    15mm Hep2o Wedge Removal Tool HX79/15

    Hep2O demounting HepKey Plus 15mm blue
    Hep2o Wedge Removal Tool

    22mm Hep2o Wedge Removal Tool HX79/22

    Hep2O demounting HepKey Plus 22mm pink
    Hep2o Wedge Removal Tool

    28mm Hep2o Wedge Removal Tool HX79/28

    Hep2O demounting HepKey Plus 28mm orange
    Hep2o Wedge Removal Tool

    28mm Hep2o Wedge Removal Tool HX79/28WH

    Hep2O demounting HepKey Plus 28mm orange
    Hep2o Pipe Support Sleeve

    10mm Hep2o Pipe Support Sleeve HX60/10 White

    Hep2O SmartSleeve pipe support 10mm pack of 20
    Hep2o Pipe Support Sleeve

    15mm Hep2o Pipe Support Sleeve HX60/15 White

    Hep2O SmartSleeve pipe support 15mm pack of 50
    Hep2o Pipe Clips - Screw

    28mm Hep2o Pipe Clips - Screw HX85/28

    Hep2O pipe clip screw type 28mm white pack of 50
    Hep2o Pipe Support Sleeve

    22mm Hep2o Pipe Support Sleeve HX60/22 White

    Hep2O SmartSleeve pipe support 22mm pack of 50
    Hep2o Pipe Support Sleeve

    28mm Hep2o Pipe Support Sleeve HX60/28 White

    Hep2O SmartSleeve pipe support 28mm pack of 20
    Hep Blank Peg

    10mm Hep Blank Peg HX44/10 White

    Hep2O blanking peg 10mm white
    Hep Blank Peg

    15mm Hep Blank Peg HX44/15 (PK10) White

    Hep2O blanking peg 15mm white
    Hep Blank Peg

    22mm Hep Blank Peg HX44/22 (PK10) White

    Hep2O blanking peg 22mm white
    Hep Blank Peg

    28mm Hep Blank Peg HX44/28 (PK10) white

    Hep2O blanking peg 28mm white
    Hep20 Heptool

    15 & 22mm Hep20 Heptool HX77/15W

    Hep2O demounting HepTool 15mm and 22mm
    Hep2o Heptool

    10 & 28mm Hep2o Heptool HX77/10W

    Hep2O demounting HepTool 10mm and 28mm
    Hep2O Cold Forming Bend Fixture

    15mm Hep2O Cold Forming Bend Fixture

    Hep2O cold forming bend fixture 15mm
    Hep2o Str Connector

    15mm Hep2o Str Connector HD1/15 White

    Hep2O straight connector 15mm white