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    About Us

    Smith Brothers are one of the largest independent HVAC merchants in the UK, specialising in supplying industrial and commercial mechanical services sector.


    Focusing on the distribution of pipework, valves, air conditioning and all associated fittings and ancillaries, the company continues to grow its product portfolio by drawing from its extensive supply chain and excellent stock levels to offer customers a range of market-leading products in addition to cost-saving alternatives.

    Since the turn of the millennium, the company has substantially expanded its geographical coverage. Smith Brothers operates through a national branch network across England, Scotland, and Wales. With the addition of a dedicated team to service customers based in Northern Ireland, smith brothers has complete geographical coverage across the UK, and additional branches to open in the future.

    Smith Brothers history dates back to 1897, and the company remains family-owned to this day, with the 5th generation present amongst a 500+ strong workforce. This has ensured the stability of the company as it has grown over the years and has ensured we have always retained our customer-orientated roots along the way.

    Smith Brothers primary objective is to provide unrivalled service levels with competitive pricing, ultimately aspiring to surpass our customer’s expectations. This has been our brand promise since 1897.

    SBS Promise

    SBS Promise

    Smith Brothers is transparent about its promises when talking to the building services industry. This guarantees stakeholder backing and communicates the level of performance and standards expected throughout the support network, from suppliers through to delivery drivers.

    We pride ourselves on our values, which are the fundamental beliefs and objectives of the company that create a common goal. These are the three key foundations on which Smith Brothers was built upon.



    Tesla Cars at Head Office

    SBS has made significant investments to reduce the company’s carbon emissions over the past few years, with no plans to stop.

    There are now ZERO all petrol/diesel cars left in the company. These has been superseded by all electric and hybrid alternatives. The installation of 22kW Electric vehicle charging points has also been carried out at all locations.

    Our transport department is also exploring the feasibility of adopting additional carbon-neutral alternatives such as fuel additives, hydrogen vehicles and is even trialling electric vans. Ultimately, SBS intends to replace all commercial combustion vehicles when technology allows. was launched in 2021, allowing customers to manage their accounts online and access their accounts 24/7, information that in the past would have been communicated on paper. Other paper-reducing initiatives include daily transport checks being conducted electronically and the introduction of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which will ensure paper-based documents such as invoices and purchase orders become a thing of the past. Another leap towards a more eco-efficient future at SBS.

    The journey towards a greener future has no end date, and Smith Brothers will continue to promote the benefits of a carbon-free, cleaner, healthier, and sustainable future wherever we can.

    Learn more about Smith Brothers

    Smith Brothers has a plethora of product literature, testimonials and case studies available to all customers wanting to learn more about the company.

    You can access the SBS online library to view or download any of our company literature. Simply Click here to find the required documents, from product guides to account application forms. The latest news and updates from Smith Brothers can be found on the newsfeed.


    All feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our company is welcomed, as it actively contributes to our improvement of our services. If you would like to submit feedback, this can be done through our Contact Us form available here.

    Service & Value since...1897