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    Copper Fittings

    Copper fittings are essential components used to connect pipes in plumbing systems. Fittings have different jointing methods for different applications, please ensure product selected is fit for purpose/application. Three common types of copper fittings are end feed, solder ring and compression fittings.

    • End Feed - Also known as capillary fittings and require soldering to secure the connection. Pipe is inserted into the fitting and solder is applied to create a reliable joint.
    • Solder Ring - Fittings have pre-applied solder inside a ring. When heated, the solder melts and forms a joint between the fitting and the pipe. This eliminates the need for additional soldering material, simplifying the installation process.
    • Compression - Fittings consist of a nut and a ring that, when tightened, compress the fitting onto the pipe, creating a watertight seal. These fittings do not require soldering, making them ideal for situations where disassembly and reassembly may be necessary.

    Each type of copper fitting offers unique advantages. End feed fittings are commonly used when precision and strength are critical. Solder ring fittings provide a more straightforward installation process, reducing the risk of soldering errors. Compression fittings are easy to install and uninstall, making them suitable for temporary connections or repairs. Understanding the differences between these fittings helps in choosing the right one for specific plumbing applications.

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