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    Clips & Pipe Support

    Our comprehensive pipe clip offering includes a range of pressed steel lightweight clips in mild steel and stainless steel. They are suitable for steel, copper, plastic and stainless steel pipe applications. There are variations of these clips in both a rubber-lined and unlined finish. These are bossed to facilitate a hanging solution and use threaded bar in a horizontal pipework setting.

    A full range of malleable iron pipe clips, clamps, brackets and backplates can be used to support steel tube to EN10255 (formerly referred to as BS1387). These clips are available in both black and galvanised finish and are made from black iron material (Blackheart). The term Blackheart refers to the type of malleable iron that is produced during the casting process. This is made by annealing white iron in a neutral atmosphere at a temperature of 900°C and is renowned for its strength. The British Standard for Blackheart malleable iron is BS6681:1986. Our brass range is available in metric and BSP thread sizes where applicable. Pipe clips are also referred to as, clamps, munsen rings and brackets. They are suitable for use when supporting a secure fixing for copper pipes or tube to EN 1057 (formerly referred to as BS2871 part 1: 1971). The products are primarily manufactured in cast brass.

    Kiln dried hard wooden blocks are available in various thickness for steel and copper. Manufactured from a closed cell rigid material, our phenolic blocks have a high-density foam appearance. They are bore coated and are CFC / HCFC free with a density of either 60, 80 or 120 kg/m3. Phenolic block pipe supports are used when thermal insulation of pipework and ducting is required. The primary function of the insulation is to isolate the pipework from the support bracket itself, to limit heat loss in the pipework system during thermal bridging. 

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