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    Dosing Pots & Dirt/Air Seperators

    Dosing pots are installed in a heating or cooling system to allow rapid introduction of water treatment safely for the prevention of sludge, limescale and corrosion. The ideal location is where there is a high differential pressure between the flow and return pipework or heaters. The range has both mild steel and stainless steel material construction options, supplied fully assembled ready for installation on site. A non return valve has been fitted for additional safety due to its anti flash protection.

    The range of separators available from SBS are designed to automatically remove dirt and air from heating, cooling and process systems, ensuring optimum performance of your equipment at all times. These can be installed in all buildings and even retro-fitted into existing systems, to provide economic and environmental benefits. Installation can be done on any sizeable open or closed loop system, including chilled water systems, condenser water systems, and process water systems.