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    15mm Copper Press 90 Elbow 9002 WRAS

    Manufacturer: Frabo
    Copper WRAS approved M profile system with temperature range of -10°C to 110°C and pressure up to 16 bars. Securfrabo (patented leak detection on un-pressed joints) on sizes up to 54mm, XL sizes available from 66.7mm to 108mm.
    SKU: PCU12015

    15 - 54mm

    System has the Securfrabo security system with a size range of 15mm to 54mm. The M-profile copper and bronze press fittings are WRAS Approved and suitable for water installations. The black EPDM gasket has high chemical-physical performance to satisfy the requirements of hygiene and purity, typical of drinking water applications. The material of the gasket complies with EN 681-1 standard (water applications). Mixed connection fittings to other systems are made using bronze threaded parts with press ends, the threads comply with UNI EN 10226-1 standard.

    66.7 - 108mm (XL SIZES)

    The press fitting system with a size range of between 66.7mm to 108 mm. Fittings are made of carbon steel (material nr. 1.0034) and are electrolytically zinc plated. The zinc plating applied to EN 10305 pipes and fittings guarantees higher corrosion resistance, ensuring reliability over time. The sealing gasket is high-quality EPDM and the threads comply with UNI EN 10226-1 standard.

    Products specifications
    Connection TypePress-Fit
    Fitting TypeElbow/Bend
    Size (mm)15mm